Get really Fit by training Muay Thai

A great way to get fit is Thaiboxing, also known as Muay Thai. It is a good way to increase your cardio, physical health and dexterity

Hello, my name is Alex

I'm qualified personal trainer

My background is in Martial arts (Muay thai, Kickboxing and Boxing) and Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy.

I, myself have been training since 14 years old and still now enjoy keeping fit as a part of my lifestyle whilst still doing the others thing I love. I fundamentally specialise in Aesthetic conditioning (improving and changing your body composition). Whether it be for competition purposes or as simple as you wanting to look great on your holiday.

The way I train my clients not only makes their bodies look incredible but in addition makes them stronger, fitter and overall more confident.

I understand getting in shape is hard, but it doesn’t have to be soul destroying and with my help we can explore a healthy AND happy way of living.

ladies that think training with weights will only make you bulky? Few sessions with me and you'll see how it only highlights your feminine features.

If you desire greater wellbeing, get in touch with me.

‘Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction” Kenichi Ohmae

Why choose me

I specialise in:

  • MuayThai / Boxing / Padwork
  • Functional Training/ General conditioning
  • Rehabilitation/ Injury Prevention
  • Weight loss/Muscle Conditioning/ Nutrition
  • HITT/Circuit training/Core Conditioning


  • Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • Level 3 Certificate in Personal trainer
  • Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy


  • 100% results guarantee
  • Very professional session
  • Focus on each client separate
  • Over 15 years in Sport industry

white wolf fit

why you should do muay thai

There are many reasons why you should start Muay Thai and I’m going to explain the main ones

  • Increased Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Strengthens the musculature of the lower body
  • Core strength
  • Increased Hip Mobility
  • Stress relief

white wolf fit

I have three packages to choose

My training packages are suitable for everyone who wants to get fit.

  • 30 min training available for £45.00 (10 sessions £400.00)
  • 1 h - £80.00 | 10 sessions £700.00
  • 45 min - £65.00 | 10 sessions £600.00
  • first training session FREE

training sessions include

  • Nutrition program
  • out of training support
  • home training recomendations

12 weeks transformation


  • How does Muay Thai training works?
    Thai boxing training suit for everyone from beginners and amateurs to pro fighters looking to learn Muay Thai for fun, fitness or self defence.
  • What do I need for training?
    Hands wraps and boxing gloves (10-16oz)
  • Do you offer packages discounts?
    Yes, I do, please check packages section
  • Can I lose body fat to train Thai boxing?
    Yes, sure, you will use a lot of energy during the session.
  • Can I combine Weights training and Muay Thai?
    Yes, you can, but I strongly recommended use spare day for each training.
  • Can I use Muay Thai as a cardio Training?
  • Do I need to have flexibility to high kick?
    In the beginning you can start with low kicks and knees.
  • Can I try first if it is fit for me?
    Yes, First session for free.
  • Do you train outside the gym?
    Yes, in the park or in the private gym in your building.
  • Can I pay by cash?
    You can pay by cash or by bank transfer.

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